Ancient traditions

Soffieria De Carlini was established in 1947, just after the end of Second World War, with a great desire to make, produce, and offer to Italy and Italians one more reason to hope and believe in the future.

Enrico De Carlini decided to create a glassworks after inheriting an artistic vein from his father who had been trained at the Brera Academy—one of the top fine arts schools in Italy. Enrico strived to create objects as delicate and precious as the peace and freedom that Italy had restored at such a high cost.

Since then, Soffieria De Carlini’s Christmas ornaments—each being a unique mouth-blown, hand-decorated work—convey the joy, hope, and peace of the sweetest and warmest holiday of the year. It embodies the poetry of an art unchanged over time.

Just ask Rosetta, Giuliano, Luca, and Sabrina about feeling immersed in such a poetic work throughout the year.

Their smiles speak louder than any word.


New insights

In the ’60s, Christmas glass decorations seemed on the verge of being ousted by the advent of plastic. Enrico De Carlini turned such a seemingly insurmountable problem into a unique opportunity to reshape his style and audience, transforming a craft into art.
Soffieria De Carlini’s Christmas decorations reach artistic heights. Each piece is unique and expresses a feeling, an emotion, and a serene joy that will shine as personal, inimitable, and one of a kind in everyone’s experience.
Soffieria De Carlini’s simple baubles of the past (which can still be found) have now become over 3,000 precious objects. Each one is unique and unrepeatable.
First blown and shaped by hand then elaborated through different techniques—from spray painting to immersion or brush—Soffieria De Carlini’s ornaments are a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.


Unexpected thrills

Over the years, Soffieria De Carlini has taken on the challenge of staying faithful to its artisanal tradition and the Christmas spirit. At the same time, it has tuned into the trends and even the thrills of the market, as well its increasingly sophisticated and prestigious clients’ requests.
This entails creating items linked to the world of fashion: precious models and mannequins on the cat walk fully dressed in faux fur, high heels, and miniature handbags.
And what about the commission from New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, the legendary MoMA, to create all the glass figurines inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz?
Last but not least, Soffieria De Carlini is particularly fond of reproducing the Christmas tree that had adorned Queen Margherita’s living room in the Royal Palace of Monza.
Such an important nod came a stone’s throw from our Macherio site, proving that hard work, commitment, imagination, creativity, and passion can really make one… a prophet in one’s own land!